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AME 698: Course Syllabus

Course Outline:

  1. Nonlinear systems introduction - subtleties, complexities and examples;
  2. Mathematical preliminaries;
  3. Dynamical systems overview;
  4. Lyapunov theory and control applications;
  5. Bifurcations and control applications;
  6. Basic differential geometry;
  7. Linearization by state feedback;
  8. Design examples using linearization;
  9. Controllability and observability;
  10. Steering drift-free systems;
  11. Application to stratified systems, legged robotic locomotion and robotic manipulation.


The final grade will be based on homework sets, a midterm exam,a final exam and one class presentation.

Homework policy:

Collaboration on homework assignments in encouraged. You may consult outside reference materials, other students or the instructor. However, all solutions that are handed in should reflect your understanding of the subject matter at the time of writing.

Course text and references:

The required text for the course is: The following text will be useful as well, and has been placed on reserve in the engineering library:


Mathematica is a very useful tool for many computations and simulations necessary to complete the homeworks in this class. You are strongly encourage to learn how to use it, if necessary, and to regularly use it for the homework assignments. The following are a few resources to help you become familiar with Mathematica:

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