University of Notre Dame
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

ME 469: Introduction to Robotics
Homework 2

B. Goodwine
Spring, 1999
Issued: January 29, 1999
Due: February 3, 1999

Unless otherwise indicated, all the problems are from the course text, Craig, Introduction to Robotics. Unless otherwise indicated, each problem is worth 10 points.

  1. Write a Mathematica function that gives i-1iT as a function of the link parameters \alpha_{i-1}, a_{i-1}, \theta_i and d_i.

    You can find help on how to define a function in section 1.7.1 of the Mathematica book. The entire book is available on-line under the 'Help' menu in mathematica.

  2. 3.4
  3. 3.9
  4. 3.17 Additionally, use your slick Mathematica function from problem 1 to compute 0NT in symbolic form. (3 points extra credit for using fancy Mathematica fonts to actually show Greek letters).
  5. 3.18 Also compute the forward kinematics.
  6. 3.19 Also compute the forward kinematics.
  7. 3.20 Also compute the forward kinematics.
Note: for problems where you have to compute the forward kinematics, you may have to assign your own notation for lengths of links, etc.

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