Homework 8 solutions.

Due Wednesday, November 10, 2004. Grader: Abigail Mitchell (amitche3@nd.edu).
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Homework 8 solutions.

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Get the string C code here and the heat C code here.

Note: in the string C code, x[0] is the position and x[1] is the velocity.
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More solutions for Homework 8

Post by Abigail »

You can get my partially-written-up solutions for Homework 8 here.

They're not in LaTeX like the Homework 7 solutions, and they're incomplete (so far, they run to partway through problem 10.6-11). I'll post more as I get them written up into a presentable form, but that'll be sometime after the exam.

Between my solutions, and the C codes Dr. Goodwine has posted above, we've got about 75% of the assignment posted. A lot better than nothing, right? :wink:

Enjoy them... and best of luck on your exam tomorrow!

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Thanks for posting the solutions!! :D


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You're quite welcome... happy studying! :wink:

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The rest of the solutions for Homework 8 can be found here (PDF, 1.9M).

Sorry about the delay in getting them posted!
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