Homework 10, due April 27, 2018

Due Friday, April 27, 2018.
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Homework 10, due April 27, 2018

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Reading: Goodwine, Chapter 13, sections 2-5.

  1. 13.2 number 3
  2. 13.12. For this problem, start by using simulink.
    • Use the first transfer function given and add each of the nonlinearities indicated in the problem separately to the system in simulink. Assume proportional control with k=1.
    • If you observe a limit cycle in the solution, stop.
    • If not, then continue to the second and third transfer functions.
    For the case where you found a limit cycle, plot the describing function and Nyquist contour and show they intersect at the point corresponding to approximately the frequency and magnitude of oscillation. For a case where you did not observe a limit cycle, plot the Nyquist contour and describing function to show that they do not intersect.
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