AME 40590 Course Syllabus, Spring 2011

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This is in preparation and is not final until this message is removed.


  • Bill Goodwine
  • 365B Fitzpatrick
  • Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 4:30-5:30

Time and Place

  • MWF 11:45-12:35
  • 101 DBRT

Course Web Page


  • Your grade in this course will be based on homework exercises, in-class participation and three exams with the following distribution:
  1. Homework: 25%
  2. Class Participation: 25%
  3. Exam 1: 12.5%
  4. Exam 2: 12.5%
  5. Final Exam: 25%
  • The format of the exams is to be determined. They may be traditional in-class exams, take home exams, more of the nature of projects or a mixture of all three.
  • Any student missing an exam without an excuse from the Office of Student Affairs will receive a grade of zero for that exam.