Class Notes 3/2/2010 (Fernando Rodriguez)

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Class Notes
Remember Blooms taxonomy
Analysis of previous homework

Handbook 10 points 7 points for regurgitating the MPEP or text from KSR 3 point for analysis and synthesis

Policy Outline 10 points for a summary from the recent case that lists any polcy consideration 10 points up to analysis or evualuation

History 15 points for listing the cases and holdings 5 points for tracking


Electric Storage Battery


8/1919 Invention Japan Japan

1/1921-6/1921 Defendant started using

1/30/1922 Application Defendant tried at first to have this as the date of invention (due to it being in Japan)

7/23 Application2

1926 App3 Appealed


The board of patent appeals and Interferances, determines questions of interferance, meaning when the date of the invention, etc.