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Among its references, this patent cites patent no. 92,302 (Improvement in Armor-Plating for Vessels, 1869), patent no. 194,053 (Improvement in Armor-Plating for Ships, Forts, and Like Structures, 1877), and patent no. 1,294,920 (Antisubmarine Device, 1919).

  • The earliest reference, Improvement in Armor-Plating for Vessels, patents the use of defensive armor for ships that consists of many individual blocks of steel arranged together. It also patents the use of a diamond-shaped plate to deflect the incoming blow, as well as the use of springs when mounting the armor so that an impact can be safely absorbed.
  • Improvement in Armor-Plating for Ships, Forts, and Like Structures patents the technique of alternating layers of malleable steel/iron plates with layers of strong, hard cast-steel. This type of armor is said to have greatly improved effectiveness.
  • Finally, Antisubmarine Device patents the technique of mounting armor so that there is a gap between the surface of the object and the armor. When springs and other resilient mechanisms are used to mount the armor, the impact of an explosive device can be fully dissipated across the length of this gap.

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