EB: i4i Ltd. Partnership v. Microsoft Corp., 598 F.3d 831 (2010)

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The Situation

  • i4i owned patent for a method of editing custom XML
    • Patent covered splitting content from XML tags ("metacode") - you could work on each aspect separately which offers and advantage
  • i4i accuses Microsoft of infringing with their product, Microsoft Word


Microsoft infringed, willingly, and must pay i4i $200 million

In Class

  • Remedies for infringement - civil action (not criminal)
  • Injunction - court orders someone to do something - in this case, court orders Microsoft to stop selling, using, providing support for products involving the infringed claims.
  • JMOL=saw all the evidence, it was not sufficient for a decision - then you need a JMOL (here, the court ruled that there was enough evidence and rejected the request for a JMOL)
    • Only JMOL that the court grants is in regards to the injunction time frame (judge rules that it should be 6 mo. rather than 30 days as was originally ruled by the jury)