Engineering China Summer Program

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Information Session: Monday, October 14, 5:00pm

207 DBRT

Pizza and Drinks Provided


Engineering China Summer Program

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Notre Dame


Academic Program

This program is held collaboratively with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Tsinghua is one of the top ranked universities in China. The main location for the program will be at the Tsinghua campus in Beijing. The program will be approximately 7 weeks from mid-June through mid-August and students will receive 6 graded Notre Dame academic credits for their work (AME 44498). The program will consist of six credits of project work. Projects will be sponsored by multinational companies doing business in China. Notre Dame students and Tsinghua students will participate jointly and collaboratively, making the program a truly international experience and a good background for modern engineering of multinational scope. Tsinghualogo2.jpg

For the project component of the program, teams of 4-6 students with approximately equal number of Notre Dame and Chinese students, will complete projects that are provided by and actively managed by multinational companies. Travel to the company's China location(s) for an overview of their operations and project status reports is typically part of the program. Such travel will typically be overnight and to locations outside of Beijing. Weekly project reports to the academic adviser for the program as well as the industrial sponsor is required as is a final project report.

Summer 2014

The program will admit up to approximately 10 Notre Dame students for the Summer of 2014. In the summer of 2012, two students participated and in the summer of 2013, 5 students participated.

Housing and Meals

Housing expenses are included in the program fee. Housing for Notre Dame students will be in western-style dormitories located near the Tsinghua campus.

Meal and other daily incidental expenses are not included in the program fee.

Program Calendar


The program was from June 24, 2012 through August 11, 2012.


The program was from June 30, 2013 through August 16, 2013.


AME students that have completed their sophomore or junior years enrolled in an engineering program at Notre Dame are eligible for the program. We envision the program growing beyond the Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, but for the initial program development, the projects will be mainly mechanical design based projects.

The project-based coursework will count as an AME Technical Elective in the Mechanical Engineering program and as a Professional Development elective in the Aerospace program.

  • For ME students, up to six credits of the project-based work in this program can be used to satisfy the AME Technical Electives degree requirements. Note that there is a limit of six "nonclassroom" credits in the ME program, so this may impact whether future nonclassroom credit, such as undergraduate research, may be used to satisfy the ME program requirements.
  • For AE students, up to three credits of the project-based work in this program may be used to satisfy the Professional Development degree requirements.

Students from the other programs in the college of engineering should consult their program's Director of Undergraduate Studies to determine the manner in which the courses in this program may or may not be used to satisfy degree requirements in their program of study.


Student Accounts billed $2500 for the 2012 and $3000 2013 programs. The fee includes tuition, housing, Notre Dame and Tsinghua administration and advising fees and project travel expenses. Project travel expenses include rail or airfare to the company locations inside China as well as dormitory-style accommodations at the company locations.

Expenses not covered by that fee include airfare to and from the United States, Visa fees, food, other daily incidentals and personal travel. Such expenses are of course highly variable, but rough estimates are

  • Airfare: $1400-2000 round-trip
  • Food: $15/day (probably highly over-estimated)
  • Visa: $200
  • Tourist and other incidentals: depends on the student.

Application Instructions

Applications are solicited in the fall semester and students are notified of acceptance decisions in early January.

Students must have a passport and, if accepted, apply for a Visa in the spring semester. Note that the Visa application process may take several weeks and thus must be started early in the Spring semester. Typically US citizens may not travel to mainland China, other than Hong Kong, without a Visa. Visa services are provided on campus by Anthony Travel.

Program Contacts

Please make initial inquiries to the contact at your home institution.

Notre Dame
Professor Bill Goodwine

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Notre Dame
365B Fitzpatrick Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Tel: 1-574-631-3283

Professor Yiming (Kevin) Rong, Ph. D

Institute of Manufacturing Engineering
Department of Precision Instruments
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084
Tel.: 010-62794751(O)Cell phone number: 13472455756