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[Patent Comparison]

My chosen patent is a miniature underwater flashlight granted to Lite Tek in 1988. The exterior is made of a one piece case with a transparent end to allow light to pass through. The power switch is enabled through a twisting mechanism in the tail engaging the dry cell batteries. This switch is comprised of a plunger button apparatus which is seperated by a fluid tight diaphragm made of rubber lining the interior of the case. And a protective measure was taken by orienting the positive terminal of the batteries away from the head of the light, so in the event of a fall, the head assembly is less likely to be damaged. [[1]]

This patent is for an underwater flashlight granted to Giovanni Garofalo in 1982. The flashlight is in a one piece exterior case which has a transparent end that allows light to pass through and an threaded end which allows a end cap to screw in to hold dry cell batteries. If the batteries are held axially against the bulb, the circuit is closed and light appears. If the batteries are distant, the circuit is open and te light is off. A push button switch toward the end cap activates a cam rotation to axially engage the batteries. [[2]]

This patet is for a divers flashlight granted to Alan Kurt Uke In 1976. The flshlight has a one piece case with a transparent end for light to pass through, and a threaded end for an end to screw into, closing a cavity for batteries and also acts as a switch. This chamber is fully sealed, resulting in a water tight chamber. [[3]]