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Braiding Machine

Patent 4304169 [1]

Issue date: Dec 8, 1981

  • This machine makes hose continuously by criss-crossing strands and wrapping them around a cylindrical core (mandrel) which is pulled through the center of the machine. The strands (of fiber, plastic, etc) are on spools, and these spools rotate on a ring concentric to the mandrel, winding the fibers around the mandrel as the mandrel is pulled through the ring. Half of the the spools are traveling clockwise, and half counter clockwise, weaving in between each other to create the criss-crossed pattern.
  • This patent is for a method of reducing noise on this type of machine. These 'Maypole' braiding machines traditionally produced a large amount of noise when operating, amounts which could damage the hearing of the operators. This patent uses the idea of placing some visco-elastic material between certain plates in order to dissipate the noise energy.