Homework 1: My Selected U.S. Patent (Ackroyd)

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Homework 1: 24 Jan. 2011

My Selected US Patent

Patent 4889041: Electric Appliance for Making Hot Beverages

Date issued: December 26, 1989

  • The idea behind this invention is to improve upon the classic household coffee/tea maker by inserting a water softening mechanism. This allows a water softening agent to act upon the tap water (which would be full of minerals) in the appliance before it flows through the conduits. By softening the water, the likelihood of the conduits clogging due to mineral scale deposits. I found this patent because I am a coffee drinker and was interested to investigate improvements on the classic household appliance. It could be fascinating to compare this improvement with other similar advancements. I found the patent while searching FreePatentsOnline.com. The link can be found here: [1]. The patent can also be found on Google Patents: [2].