Homework 1 - Due Monday, January 24

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My Chosen Patent

This invention basketball return system easily mounted to a backboard and which can be adapted to return the ball to a specific location. It is composed of a net-carrying frame which is positioned under the backboard/hoop that will catch the ball and forward it to the player after he or she shoots. There are a number of basketball return systems dating from June 17, 1930 which can be viewed as prior art. To distinguish this particular system from prior art, the invention seeks to overcome some of the problems exhibited by older systems. This invention attempts to distinguish itself from prior art by making the apparatus easily retractable to facilitate storage, return the ball at a height so that the player doesn't need to bend over to pick the ball up (instead, the player acts as though he is receiving a pass), be able to extend or shorten the length of the return system, and mounts to the backboard.