Homework 2: Due Friday January 28

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Overview of Original Patent and Cited Patents

  • The invention I selected is a set of golf clubs that is more unified compared to other previous sets of golf clubs. According to the patent, the lofts, length of the clubs, and face progression (the change in shape of the club) are correlated and coordinated to be more user friendly. The main features of these clubs are that the center of gravity for each club is lower to the ground and more centered on the club face and the club heads for all clubs, including irons, are wider. The wider club heads make all the clubs look similar to woods. Woods are traditionally the easier clubs to hit for the average amateur player. The goal for this invention is to make the game easier and more enjoyable for the average player with a more unified set of clubs. [1]
  • The first cited patent also describes a set of clubs that was invented to make the game of golf easier for the average player. This invention was from 1922