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Chosen Patent

The patent I chose is an electrically powered oscillating fan. The fan is comprised of a base which supports a motorized fan and a casing to protect the fan blades. The fan is able to rotate along a vertical axis that goes through the base of the fan. The fan can also rotate on a hinge through the horizontal axis. The patent cites that oscillating fans typically were designed so as to be unable to rotate no more than plus or minus 20 degrees along the horizontal axis. Otherwise, the shift in the center of gravity of the fan might cause the fan to fall over. However, this fan was designed so as to be able to be folded even further when not in use in order to minimize the amount of space it takes up. It does this through incorporating a flexible clip that the user can push in to allow the fan to rotate even further than 20 degrees in the horizontal axis. The patent claims this is particularly advantageous when it comes to packaging the fan, eliminating the need for bulky packaging or requiring the user to have to assemble the fan themselves.