UMC Electronics vs. US (Robins)

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UMC had a contract to supply a better accelerometer to record the number of times a plane underwent a certain acceleration. After awhile they realized their device couldn't distinguish between accelerations due to flight and one due to wind or weapons release. They wanted to build UMC B to fix the problem.

Time line:

UMC-A contract was late 1966 UMC-A doesnt work, early 1967 UMC-B sensor portion was built, April/may 1967 UMC-B offered for sale, July 1967 UMC-B more detailed disclosure to Navy August 2, 1967 UMC-B was demonstrated, August 9 1967 Navy canceled original UMC-A contract, Early 1968 Navy issues new request for ACA, July 1968 UMC-B patent filed August 1, 1968

Timely Products checklist applied to case: 1. Offer to sell 2. Reduction to Practice <<< On appeal, no reduction to practice. Only Prototyped sub-components 3. For profit, not experimental