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==[[HW1 (Fernando Rodriguez) ]]==
Infinitely Variable Belt-Drive Transmission
==[[Bonito Boats Notes (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Hotchkiss v. Greenwood (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
Inventor: Makishima, Sadao (Akigawa, JP)  
==[[A. & P. Tea Co. v. Supermarket Corp (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Lyon v. Bausch & Lomb (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 1/26/2011]]==
==[[HW2 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
Summary: A infinitely variable transmission  that is based on a system of belt pulleys, clutches and gear assemblies to generate a small size transmisison capable of functioning in an transmission ratio going from negative to positive ratios in a smooth manner going through a neutral transmission ratio.
==[[Graham vs John Deere (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Adams (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
Source: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4529393.html
==[[Anderson (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 1/31/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[HW3 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 2/7/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Hw4 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notres 2/9/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 2/11/2011]]==
==[[Class Notes 2/18/2011(Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 2/21/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 3/2/2010 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[Class Notes 3/9/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[HW 5 Fernando Rodriguez ResQNet.com, Inc. v. Lansa, Inc.]]==
==[[HW 6 Fernando Rodriguez]]==
==[[HW 7 Fernando Rodriguez]]==
==[[Class Notes 4/11/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)]]==
==[[HW8 Fernando Rodriguez]]==

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HW1 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Bonito Boats Notes (Fernando Rodriguez)

Hotchkiss v. Greenwood (Fernando Rodriguez)

A. & P. Tea Co. v. Supermarket Corp (Fernando Rodriguez)

Lyon v. Bausch & Lomb (Fernando Rodriguez)

Class Notes 1/26/2011

HW2 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Graham vs John Deere (Fernando Rodriguez)

Adams (Fernando Rodriguez)

Anderson (Fernando Rodriguez)

Class Notes 1/31/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)

HW3 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Class Notes 2/7/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Hw4 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Class Notres 2/9/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)

Class Notes 2/11/2011

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Class Notes 3/9/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)

HW 5 Fernando Rodriguez ResQNet.com, Inc. v. Lansa, Inc.

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HW 7 Fernando Rodriguez

Class Notes 4/11/2011 (Fernando Rodriguez)

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