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==Homework 1 1/28/11==
==Homework 1 1/28/11==
[[Reference Description]]

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My Selected US Patent

  • Patent 4836046
    • Issued June 6, 1989
  • The idea behind this invention was to automate gear shifting in bicycles, a vehicle in which gear shifting is traditionally a manual process, by means of "A sprocket wheel assembly which is responsive to the input torque applied at the pedals." I found this interesting because to me, bicycle transmissions represent a purely mechanical device, but I've always been interested in the idea of automating this. I think it will be relevant to this study of patent law because surely, others have had similar ideas about inventing automatic bicycle transmissions. I found the patent while searching the "Patentstorm" website; here is the link: [1].

Homework 1 1/28/11

Reference Description