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Micro-controller Learning Modules

Michael Lemmon and Bill Goodwine

This learning module is a mini-course that provides a hands-on environment for learning about interfacing micro-controllers to the outside world. The modules are built around two micro-controller modules: the MicroStamp11 and the MicroCore11. Both modules are based on the popular Motorola 68HC11 micro-controller.

The first six modules provide quite a bit of detailed background regarding the concepts covered or introduced in the module and focus on the MicroStamp11 board. The remainding modules provide fewer details, but are typically based upon the concepts previously introduced in the prior sections. The modules following module six are all based upon the MicroCore11 board. Example source code for the free gcc compiler is also provided. Those that desire to use the gcc compiler should consult the last module.

Bill Goodwine 2002-09-29