== Homework Assignment 1: ==

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Homework Assignment 1:

  • Toothbrush holder and dryer system
    • Patent Number: 4845859
    • Date of Patent: July 11, 1989
  • The purpose of this invention is to dry your toothbrush in between uses. The reasoning behind the usefulness of this invention is that a wet toothbrush sitting in a stationary position in between uses allows more bacterial growth on the toothbrush. Another benefit of this design is that a wet toothbrush is more likely to pick up dirt and dust particles, as well as other particles, in the air. The design is a cylindrical toothbrush cup with slots for inserting and holding the toothbrush upright. In order to produce heated air to dry the toothbrush, a lightbulb in the base of the container emits heat and the slots in the cover of the toothbrush holder allow the heated air to circulate upwards and pass by the toothbrush bristles. This patent is interesting because it struck me as a design that could be greatly improved upon to make it desirable to the greater public. I found the patent on "freepatentsonline.com" and it can be accessed by using this link: [1]