1/28/11 Robins

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1st order of business: Learn how to use the wiki and stop deleteing my page *cough* cnortan *cough*

2nd order of business: Go over Bausch and Lomb

  • Bausch and Lomb said the description of the invention does not adequately explain the patent
  • Cartwright first experimented with heating the lens but abandoned it
    • USC 102 is novelty, it has to be a new invention.
  • Established that it was novel, now onto nonobviousness
    • they were searching for a better way to stop reflection for 10 years, but never developed it, arguement for nonobviousness
    • Judges: "we do not see any combination of evidence that could completely demostrate that the change had not been obvious"
    • also noted that if congress had not passed 103, this patent probably would have been thrown out. USC 103 was passed in 1952.