Cara's Homework 1

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Due: Monday, January 24

I choose to read patent number 473994 titled "Lacrosse stick with graphite-loaded handle". The patent was filed on October 29, 1986 and issued on April 26, 1986. The inventor is Fielding H. Lewis, Jr. The object of the patent is a lacrosse stick with a graphite-loaded plastic handle. This is an improvement on previous lacrosse sticks and handles because it offers improve handling characteristics.

The handle is composed of somewhere between 80 to 95% plastic and 5 to 20% graphite. It is a long hollow shaft either polygonal, octagonal, or tubular in shape. The advantages of this stick is improvements in grip, strength, safety, weight distribution, and comfort.

When the sport originated lacrosse stick handles were primarily made out of wood which did not always have a uniform quality or good strength and feel; they were particularly susceptible to fracture. A few patents existed previous to this one that were improvements on the original stick design. One such patent is a plastic tube lined on the inside by either aluminum or wood. There had been attempts prior to this patent to make metal lacrosse sticks as well but they have been unsuccessful due to inadequate strength or being too heavy. A combination of the desired effects and characteristic of a plastic handle and metal handle have not been available until this invention, the subject of this patent.

This invention allows for standardization of handles to have more consistent and desirable qualities. It has better weight distribution and avoids fracture better than previous designs. It has and improved grip and feel as well. It also allows for faster shots because there is a larger transfer of energy from the player through the stick and head. Another benefit of this invention is that it is warm to the touch in cold weather and cool in warm weather.