Cara's Homework 2

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due: Friday, January 28

Patent number 473994, "Lacrosse stick with graphite-loaded handle", was filed on October 29, 1986. Within the patent document there is mention of the preexisting variety in lacrosse stick production and a few other patents are cited. One such patent, patent number 3702702, is for a lacrosse stick with a plastic exterior and a wood or aluminum interior. This patent document also cites patents for metallic lacrosse stick handles (patent numbers 4037841 and 4206918). One other cited patent that is valid in the analysis of this invention is patent number 4436305, which deals with tennis racket structures but has undeniable similarities with lacrosse stick handle composition and usage. This patent is for a racket with a tubular structure made of either wood, metal or plastic and coated on the outside with a material jacket (made with resin impregnated boron, graphite, polyamide aromatic and glass fibers).