Homework 1: Due Monday January 24

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  • Patent 4762322: Set of Golf Clubs
    • Date issued: August 9, 1988
  • The idea behind this invention was to create a set of golf clubs that would be easier for players to play with. A set of golf clubs is comprised of two types of clubs: woods and irons. Woods typically have a much wider club head from front to back and also have a lower center of gravity. Irons are much narrower and have a higher center of gravity. Because of the differences between these clubs, players often need to change their swings in order to effectively use the clubs. This makes striking good shots much more difficult for the average player. This new set of clubs is supposed to limit the differences in swings by creating a more uniform lower center of gravity in all clubs as well as a wider club head from front to back from the driver all the way down to the wedges. I chose this because I am an avid golfer in my free time and definitely understand the different swings necessary to hit all clubs. I found this patent on Google Patents [[1]]