Jan. 24: Patent SKH

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Jan. 24 Homework: Patent

Patent number: 4699282 Filing date: Feb 27, 1986 Issue date: Oct 13, 1987

"A beer display, keg cooler is provided for facilitating access of beer keg to and from said cooler, of beer from said keg in said cooler, for increasing structural integrity of the cooler, for effecting easy transportation of said cooler, and for manifesting indicias of beer in display. The cooler includes an elevated internal bottom, and recessed handles integral with the cooler exterior shell. In addition, the beer keg sits in said cooler approximately flush with the upper rim of the cooler. Externally, the combined beer display and keg cooler resembles the appearance of a proportionally enlarged beer can."

This invention relates to a keg cooler that is self-enclosed and appears as though it is a very big beer can. It also provides for easy access as well as storage and transportation of the beer keg. This is distinguished from prior art by the shape of the cooler and the placement of the keg within it to enhance stability and transportability of the keg cooler.