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Motorized Wheelbarrow


-Patent 4589508: Motorized Wheelbarrow

-Date Issued: May 20, 1986

-Google Patent Site, [1]; PatentStorm Site, [2]


The motorized wheelbarrow is a possible solution to reducing the physical strain that goes along with advancing a wheelbarrow's heavy load. It employs a friction drive transmission engine that can provide torque and acceleration in either the forward or reverse direction. This is convenient and helpful when the front wheel gets stuck in a crack, small ravine, etc, and a simple press of a lever activates the engine [since a caught front wheel is common with wheelbarrows]. The patented wheelbarrow is also equipped with a bed that is able to be pivoted upwards for easy emptying that does not disturb the engine underneath. Also, the bed is interchangeable to fit most load needs.

1/28/11 Homework: Analyzing My Patent