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My Selected US Patent

  • Patent : The Portable Computer
    • Patent Number: 4497036
    • Filing date: Apr 12, 1983
    • Issue date: Jan 29, 1985
    • My idea was to try and find the "first" patent for a portable computer. Laptops and mobile technology have revolutionized how we live and work on a day to day basis and trying to trace their origins should prove to be a worthwhile venture. The actual patent is for a revolutionary new portable computing device that allows for a larger display than the one portable computer patented by Epson in the same year. By allowing the whole screen to fold over the keyboard, the keyboard and display sizer are both increased. The one revolutionary aspect of this design is that it allows for the insertion of CMOS RAM expansion cartridges so that the performance can be scaled. I found the patent while digging for laptop origins on Google Patents. The link is [1]

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