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The patent I chose to use throughout the semester involves an improved design for a winglet. Specifically, the inventors, Jeff Jupp and Peter Rees, recognized that current designs for winglets, while they reduce the overall drag and performance, result in a heavier wing and thus could be improved. The instance of interest is when the wing is operating at high lift coefficients, and the flow detaches from the surface which also causes aircraft control problems. The design that Jupp and Rees have discovered consists of a winglet with a high sweep angle and low aspect ratio. The unique aspect with this design is that the flow does not break away from the surface in a conventional way, but rather jumps from conventional attached flow to vortex flow at high lift coefficients, thus not causing aircraft control problems. The application was filed on June 12, 1986 and granted on December 22, 1987.

BWC --- HW 1.28

BWC --- HW 2.3

BWC --- Non-Obviousness

BWC --- Pickering v. Holman, 459 F.2d 403

BWC --- Brief for Honeywell

BWC --- Summary of Brief for Respondents in 553 US 617