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Elbow Prosthetic

This patent is for a design for an elbow prosthetic made by Thomas Wadsworth. His invention is a better elbow prosthesis that requires less bone to be removed in the addition of the prosthesis. It requires less material in the stem of the prosthesis so that when connecting it to the existing bone, a smaller amount of the bone is required to be taken out during surgery. The prosthesis also allows for more normal flexion and extension of the elbow after the surgery, for the user. It allows for a closer simulation of the natural movement of the pre-existing elbow.

I chose this patent because I did some research a few years ago on shoulder prosthesis and it is a field that has always interested me. Prostheses have evolved a lot in the last 30 years, so I think finding the evolution of the elbow prosthesis and the patented designs that go along with that movement will be very interesting.

The patent can be found here: