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My Selected US Patent

  • Patent 4875675: Skipping toy and method of playing same
    • Date issued: October 24, 1989
  • The idea behind this invention was to create a children’s game in which a toy, attached to a child’s ankle, is rotated in a horizontal and circular path. The invention counts the number of full rotations the toy completes around the player. In order to be successful at rotating the toy the child must jump the non-playing foot each time the toy passes. The toy consists of a ring (which the player wears on their foot), a ball (which weights the end of the toy and counts the rotations), and a plastic rod which connects the two. I found this patent interesting because it was a toy which was popular while I was young and is a unique idea for a toy. I think it will be fascinating to consider other children’s toys invented around the same time and consider the originality of each. The patent can be found on Google Patents: [1].

My Homeworks