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Downloading your Program

Before downloading your program, you'll need to set the $\mu$Stamp11 in download mode. This is done by setting SW2 and SW1 in BOOT position and then pushing the RESET button. Figure 13 shows these switch positions that place the $\mu$Stamp11 in either boot mode or run mode.

Figure 13: Switch Position for MicroStamp11
\begin{figure}\centerline{\psfig{file=figs/mustamp11_fig_switch.eps,width=5in}} \end{figure}

Once in boot mode, the $\mu$Stamp11 is ready for program download. You begin downloading your program by executing the pms91 batch file from an MSDOS command window. So first open a command window, make sure you are in the project directory and then type

 pms91 hello
This program first downloads the bootloader program msload9.bin into the $\mu$Stamp11's RAM. The bootloader then directs the installation of hello.s19 into the $\mu$Stamp11's EEPROM.

Bill Goodwine 2002-09-29