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Output Compare Interrupts

Micro-controllers are micro-computers whose architecture has been optimized to respond quickly to external events. The direct mapping of IO pins into the processor's address space is one way this goal is achieved. Another way of achieving this goal is through a rich set of hardware interrupts. This learning modules focuses on a specific type of hardware interrupt known as the output compare interrupt. Output compare interrupts are hardware interrupts that are tied to timer events and this means that they can be used by a micro-controller to enforce the real-time processing of events.

This learning module examines the use of output compare interrupts to control the real-time response of the MicroStamp11. In particular, you will use the output compare interrupt to build a system that outputs a specified voltage using a pulse-width modulation scheme. To a great extent, the resulting system can be thought of as a digital-to-analog converter or DAC.


Bill Goodwine 2002-09-29